Technical Rescue Training

Confined Space: Entrant, Attendant and Supervisor
Confined Space Rescue: Entrant, Attendant, Supervisor, Rescuer and Advanced Confined Space Rescue for Team Members.
Confined Space - Hazardous Materials: Confined Space Training combined with Hazardous Materials Technician Training.
High Angle Rope Rescue/Trench/Excavation Rescue for Emergency Responders: Shoring, Recovery
Structural/Building Collapse Rescue:
NFPA 1670 - Basic Operational Level, Building Shoring, Advamced Confined Space Rescue (designed to challengeyour teams capability).
NFA - Rescue Systems One
Light Frame / Unreinforced Masonry Rescue
Concrete Breaching
Building Shoring
Technical Search
Structural Collapse - Scene Management
Vehicle Extrication
Farm Accident / Rescue
Elevator Rescue